Lunch Menu

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SOUPS (lunch)

Tom Yum Goong
The famous Thai Hot and Sour shrimp soup; spiced with lemon grass, chili, lime juice and mushrooms
Wonton Soup
Minced shrimp and chicken with scallions in clear soup
Chicken Coconut Soup
Mild chicken with mushrooms soup in a coconut milk base; accented with siamese ginger and lime juice
Miso Soup
Diced soft tofu with sea weeds and spinach in a mild bean curd base soup

Salads (lunch)

Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad)
Chopped green papaya and carrot salad with spicy sweet and sour dressing, seasoned with garlic and chili, then topped with shrimp and roasted peanuts. Complemented with sticky rice.
Seaweed Salad
Shredded Seaweed in special Spicy Sesame Favor Dressing
Lab Gai (Chicken Spicy Salad)
Minced chicken mixed with Thai spices and garden fresh herbs on bed of green vegetables
Organic Green Salad
Simple mixed green vegetables with an accent of oriental veggie. Complemented with Thai spicy peanut dressing.
Beef Spicy Salad
Thinly sliced char broiled tender beef, mixed with Thai garden fresh herbs & spices on bed of green vegetables.
Cucumber Salad
Sliced of cooled fresh cucumber and carrot with spicy sweet and sour dressing
Crispy Chicken Salad
Marinaded chichen breast with Thai spices and a touched of curry powder, then fried till cispy golden brown. Served with fresh mixed green veggie. Complemented with ginger carrot dressing.

Appetizers (lunch)

Veggie Roll
Delicate and crispy, these spring rolls and served with homemade sweet and sour chili sauce
Tofu Triangles
Fresh pearl tofu, sliced to bite size triangle; deep fried until golden brown and served with crushed peanut chili sauce
Fresh Spring Roll
This delicate light starter, using very thin rice spring roll skin wrapped with shrimp, vegetables, mint leaves, carrot, vermicelli. Complemented with sweet and sour peanut sauce
Spicy Wings
Marinated chicken wings in homemade herbs and spices, deep fried till golden brown, served with sweet chili sauce.
Crispy Wonton
Stuffed with minced shrimp; fried till crispy; serverd with sweet & sour sauce.
Edamame (Green Soy Bean Pod)
Lightly salted on boiled green soy bean pod. Simplicity and refreshing, no one just have one.
Grounded shrimp wrap in egg roll skin, then fried or steamed to perfection, served with light soy sauce
Pan Fried Dumpling
Stuffed with minced chicken and vegetable; served with light soy sauce
Tender chicken or beef glazed with coconut base spices and BBQ on skewers, served with peanut sauce and tangy cucumber salad sauce
Clay Pot Steamed Mussels
Cultured mussels steamed in the hot clay pot with lemon grass, hot basil leaves and fresh hot chili, served with lime hot chili sauce
Golden Bag
Minced chichen, shrimp, water chestnuts, mushrooms and Thai spices; wrapped with tofu skin and served with sweet plum sauce.
Garlic Chives Pancake
Enjoy this as a snack or as a first course. They are completely vegetarians, served with soy-ginger sauce

Curry (lunch)

Select your own favorite meat with our special curry sauces.

Tofu $7.50, Chicken $7.95, Beef $8.50, Shrimp/Squid/Scallop $8.95, Duck/Fish $9.95, Seafood Combo $9.95

Green Curry
In coconut milk with sliced bamboo shoot, string beans, green peas, green peppers and zucchini
Massaman Curry
In coconut milk with potatoes, onions, butternut squash, carrots, green pepper and roasted peanuts
Red Curry
In coconut milk with sliced bamboo shoot, eggplants, green peppers and hot basil
Pineapple Curry
In coconut milk with onions, tomatoes, pineapples, green peppers and butternut squash

On The Rice Dishes (lunch)

Select your own favorite meat with our special stir fried sauces.

Tofu $7.50, Chicken $7.95, Beef $8.50, Shrimp/Squid/Scallop $8.95, Duck/Fish $9.95, Seafood Combo $9.95

Cashew Nuts and Pineapple
Tender chicken sauteed with roasted cashew nuts, dried chili, mushrooms, snow peas and scallions
Rainbow Sweet and Sour
Battered tender chicken or shrimp. Fried until golden brown, then sauteed with fresh assorted vegetables in sweet and sour sauce
Pine Nuts Chicken
Tender chicken sauteed with pine nuts, assorted vegetables, in a fragrant ginger sauce
Fresh Hot Ginger and Baby Corns
Sauteed your favorite meat with mushrooms, baby corns, onions, green peppers and scallions
Pan Fried Teriyaki
Sauteed marinated beef or chicken with teriyaki sauce, assorted vegetables and roasted sesame
Hot Basil Leaves
Sauteed your favorite meat with minced hot chili, eggplants, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and hot basil leaves
Garden Fresh Broccoli
Sauteed your favorite meat with broccoli, assorted mushrooms and oyster sauce
Duck or Salmon Choo Chee
Boneless roasted duck or salmon sauteed in Thai's popular Choo Chee curry and vegetables
Tamarind Duck / Tilapia
Fried boneless roasted duck or tilapia filet with snow peas, baby corns, and bamboo shoot in our house special spicy sauce
Shrimp or Scallop or Squid Garlic
Sauteed large shrimp / squid or sea scallops. With fresh garlic oil, black pepper, snow peas, cauliflowers, mushrooms and complement with refreshing pineapple ring
Lemon Grass Shrimp
Sauteed large shrimp with onions, tomatoes, scallions, walnuts with spicy sauce
Chili Chili Fish
Fried fresh tilapia filet until crispy, topped with onions, fresh chili, tomatoes, green pepper and hot basil leaves in oyster sauce
Veggie Lover
Sauteed fresh tofu with assorted vegetables with house special sauce
Green Garden
Steamed fresh assorted vegetables served with delicious peanut sauce
Spicy Sting bean
Sauteed fresh sting beans with chili coconut milk, green peppers, Pecan and ground peanut
Imperial Tofu
Fried fresh tofu, topped with mushrooms, snow peas, baby corns, carrots, onions and scallions

Noodles (lunch)

Pad Thai / Vegetarian Pad Thai
The most famous Thai noodle dish, fried with shrimp and chicken, ground peanuts, eggs, bean sprouts and Thai's spices
Brown Soy Noodles
Choice of pan fried rice noodles or pasta with choice of beef or chicken or shrimp, assorted fresh vegetables, eggs, in black soy bean sauce
Drunken Noodles
Pan fried rice noodles with choice of beef / chicken or shrimp, baby corns, carrot, onions, hot chili, string beans, egg, fresh hot chili and hot basil leaves
Noodles Festive
Stir-fried egg noodles with shrimp, onions, green peppers, scallions and bean sprouts

Fried Rice (lunch)

Thai Fried Rice
Shrimp and chicken with onions, tomatoes, scallions, eggs, carrots and green peas
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Fried rice with assorted fresh green vegetables
Pineapple Fried Rice
Shrimp and chicken, raisins, green pea, carrot, onion, raisin and a touch of curry powder
Hot Basil Fried Rice
Stir-fried with choice of chicken / beef or shrimp, fresh hot chili, assorted fresh green garden and eggs

Kid's Meal Set

Set A. Chicken Fingers
with crab langoon or veggie roll with egg fried rice
Set B. Sweet & Sour Chicken
crab langoon or veggie roll with egg fried rice
Set C. Orange Chicken
crab langoon or veggie roll with egg fried rice